21 Savage Stays True to His Name In Response to Amber Rose’s Confession of Love

In a post that has since been deleted. Amber wrote under a picture of the duo together saying the following:

”I love this man so much. I know the Internet portrays me to be some heartless person or they feel like I’m incapable of love, but I love him so hard. He is not only one of the most talented people I have ever met, but he is so real, humble and smart as hell. I don’t care who you see me in a picture with or who the Internet associates me with because The Internet is fake af and they pull stories out of their a**es for click bait.

…..but it’s not real life because in real life Shayaa is my heart and soul. He’s the only one that has ever supported my Sl** walk and my feminist views with no f***s given. He loves my son, and I love his Three beautiful children so much. God brings people in ur life for a reason, and God brought me him.

I don’t care if you call me Thirsty, a h**, a gold digger or whatever df else. I love him. Put ur pride to the side and tell the person you love how much they mean to you today because life is too short to care about what anyone else says.”


Savage’s response?

My feelings are hurt and he’s not even talking about me. I hope Amber finds [and keeps] a good man one day! Unrequited emotion is one of the worst feelings  in this world.

Brush it off Amber, you still a 👏🏾bad 👏🏾 bitch 👏🏾

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