69 spree is over sadly we wish him the best wishes

the day has finally come, its sad to say of course but will we see a new sixtine? sources close to sixtine say he was working on a video out Brooklyn early Sunday and when he went to wrap everything up around 4am and go home a car pulled up and blocked the driveway, 3 gunman hopped out and grabbed sixtine and pistol whipped him.

Next thing sixnine know, the gun man are trying to wake him up after knocking him unconscious saying you better give us his jewelry and cash or they would kill him, so later they pulled up to sixtine’s house where his baby and babymother are living which were not hurt at all.

the gunman took 750K of jewelry and 20K of cash and then they grabbed sixnine again as they threw him in the back of the car, sixnine was able to get out of the car some how and one gunman attempted to chase him but didn’t want to get ID’d so they let him run off.

sources- TMZ

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