Someone Cancelled Kashdoll’s Verse on She Bad

Watch Kashdoll give a quick explanation of what happened here.

What do you think? Kashdoll is one of my favorite MC’s so I know it wasn’t because the verse was wack. You can actually take a listen to it if you can catch it on twitter since Cardi and/or her label seem to be blocking Kashdoll from posting the verse on SoundCloud.

Did Cardi not like the verse? Or was she throwing shade? Did YG just pick the bigger artist? We need answers.

Seeing as YG asked Kashdoll to jump on the verse and no one said anything afterwards to her about it (versus asking her to do it again if Cardi didn’t like it) it seems the issue was with Kashdoll and not the actual verse *sips tea*. Now to be fair, sometimes artist don’t get to control what gets put out there due to management. Even though it seems from the interviews Cardi had a majority of creative control over her album. It MAY have even been YG seeing as he was the one who sold the song to Cardi originally. Whether it is was Cardi, YG, or Cardi’s management that scrapped the verse we can only speculate.

They could have let my girl Kashdoll know something though….



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