Cutty TV Presents – Indy artist on the rise (@likeohreally)

This Wednesday Cutty TV had there “Who’s the hottest live session” and the winner was “Oh Really” from Camden NJ! so we had there CEO (@theofficialcutty) ask him some questions and interview him! We were able to get some info on him because we had so many questions, he had the best tracks of the live session of all the artist on there so that has to tell you something! We found out a lot about him one of his best achievements he actually accomplished was building his own studio. As a artist having access to a studio is 100% needed if you want to make any music. So having your own can only come with multiple benefits! He has been seeing a lot of benefits he has recently dropped EP on MyMixtapez & Datpiff called “I did it by myself” Its buzzing on the charts! so make sure you go get that today! With all of this success the studio, the mixtape available almost anywhere we asked whats next? He stated “T.H.I.C. This How Im Coming ” he didn’t want to give to much info on his latest work coming out but he wanted everyone to know ” Its gonna be a banger so just watch for it for now enjoy my last mixtape” We want you all to stay tuned for his new project coming out next but in the meantime you can stay updated with (@likeohreally) by streaming his music on music platforms like Datpiff, MyMixtapez, Clubs in Philly, Spotify, iTunes. He also is an engineer working in Philly if you need some work done if you ever in the Philadelphia area! Make sure you tune into oh really! heres his latest track below make sure to follow his soundcloud!


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