Girl Whose “Glow Up” Tweet Went Viral Is Now In Jail

The tweet went viral in a matter of hours and immediately had people questioning if it was real. Long story short? No, it wasn’t. This girl decided to use a random picture of a girl with Down Syndrome to troll the internet and it turned into life and death for one person, and freedom or a jail cell for another.

The tweet was getting plenty of heat before things got serious. Even the family of the troller asked her to take the picture down (and it currently is). However it seems that someone who knew this girl, Ameera, personally felt triggered to the point where she wanted to take matters into her own hands. The woman from the above tweet ended up pulling up on Ameera to lay paws on her, but apparently she never got the job done…

Annnnndddd that’s how you end up in jail on an attempted murder charge over a tweet.

They’re both dumb if you ask me. It was never that serious for either of them to choose to react in the way they did. This is a perfect example as to how social media has such an emotional and physiological impact on our day to day decisions….but I digress.

Prayers for the victim and I wish the best for young Ameera.

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