Judge Denies Meek Mill request for removal of current judge

A  judge in Philly denied Meek Mill’s request to remove judge Geneice Brinkley off of the rapper’s current case.  Judge Leon Tucker told the Mill that he did not have the jurisdiction over the proceeding to do that. Judge Tucker told Meek Mill and his legal team that only the supreme court can decide whether to remove Judge Brinkley or not. Judge Leon Tucker stated this as his reasoning.

“We have a judge that wears the same robe that I wear, that has not recused herself and has not disqualified herself,” Tucker said. “I don’t have the jurisdiction to do that. It’s as simple as that.”

Meek Mill’s lawyers want Judge Brinkley off of the case because they feel she has not been impartial during the entire case. His lawyers believe that she has some type of vendetta against him. Brinkley has always defended herself saying she has always been fair and objective to him.

Meek Mill’s lawyers plan to file a motion with the Pennsylvania supreme court.

Philadelphia prosecutors have stated that the believe Meek Mill should receive a new trial because of the police officer credibility being questioned. That police officer was put on a list of so-called dirty cops.

Hopefully, Meek Mill can get the fair trial he has hoped for.




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