Pray for Kanye

In an attempt to teach a lesson in ‘free thought’, Kanye has stuck is foot in his mouth….again. But it’s worse than usual this time.

This interview has changed my own views of Kanye. He went from creative genius to creatively ignorant jackass. His words are disappointing not just as a artist with a large platform….but as a member of the African American community.

Check out this video to see what I mean.

To make matters worse his ‘brother’ is using his endorsements to push his racist agenda. 

I understand Kanye’s need to be different, and I myself support free thinking. However, Janelle Monáe said it best – supporting free thinking based in racism and the oppression of a people….OUR PEOPLE, is not something that should be entertained.

As much as it pains me I can no longer support this man. His message, his clothes, or his music. There are millions who feel the same as illustrated by the unfollowing spree that went down after Kanye’s initial tweets. The 9 million followers he lost included A-listers like Drake, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Coldplay, Will.I.Am, Pitbull, and more. He even got Snoops cousin Daz Dillinger to set off a ‘Crip Alert’. Yet, he continues to tweet and give interviews as his foot makes it further and further down his own throat.

Who would have thought there was anyone who needed their twitter taken away more than Trump?

He does not need our money, he needs a research partner and some help. His comments are ignorant and lack any type of factual basis. His thought process is further vilified by his privilege and his background.

Despite all this nonsense Kanye will still make millions on whatever shoes and shirts he’s made with the garbage disposal and his children’s scissors and the masses will still make his upcoming albums go platinum. I just hope as a community we can put ourselves first and hopefully between then in now he gets some sense – Pray for Kanye.


05/02/2018 –

UpdateThe remainder of the discussion.

Update: Kanye’s discussion on black on black crime.

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