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In light of the multiple racist situations taking place in a multiple different Starbucks across the country, I have decided to no longer give my money to Starbucks. I think it’s safe to say that, although I appreciate how the CEO has handled these situations, there is a pattern of a certain type of bias in these establishments that cannot be controlled.

So. I have put together a list of black-owned coffee and sandwich shops to get your better-than-Starbucks coffee fix. Let me know if you want me to add your city or know of any black owned coffee shops in your area that I missed.

I will also be featuring a black owned business every week. Send me your business information and a short excerpt of what you do and your mission. You can also nominate a business of your choice that you think deserves to be featured.

All submissions can be sent to

District of Columbia 

Sankofa Video Books & Cafe

Coffy Cafe

Uprising Muffin Company

NuVegan Cafe

DC Conscious Cafe

Culture Coffee Too

Penny Brew

The Waterhole


Philadelphia, PA

Amalgam Comics & CoffeeHouse

Quaker City Coffee

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

The Monkey & The Elephant

Franny Lou’s Porch


Richmond, Va

Ma Michele’s Cafe

P.S. – Richmond needs more black owned coffee shops.


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