Tekashi69 trolling days finally over? rapper caught on camera

So we all know about the Chief Keef and Tekashi69 beef, if you need a quick run down heres what happen, Chief Keef came at 69, 69 was being regular 69 and responded, Chief Keef comes to NYC stays the night and posts a picture on instagram letting Tekashi and the world know that Chief Keef is in NYC, later that night Chief Keef hotel is shot at and he goes back to LA the next day. The latest events is Tekashi actually came to Chicago which videos was surfaced when a fan seen him in the airport without security walking to his car, Tekashi then again posted a video on instagram walking out of a food store stating ” we are going to give back to the homeless since you rapper don’t want to do it” which we all know he is talking about Chief Keef and recently involved FBG Duck and Lil Reese. So the whole time 69 is in Chicago Lil Reese and Chief Keef get on live talking about how Tekashi has “opps or 12” riding with him so he can’t be touched. Tekashi later on in the day gets on live with FBG Duck and Duck tells Tekashi “Pull up to the hood” shortly after  Tekashi then later makes a instastory which seems to be riding through Chicago which by 10PM he then posted a video of him in “O Block” which is Chief Keef’s old childhood place. Now the video is right after FBG Duck told Tekashi to pull up, Seems pretty valid right? unfortunately the act didn’t sell as everyone on the internet noticed the birds chirping in the background and Chief Keef posted on his instastory “We got birds chirping at 10PM now?” residents of O-Block went live as soon as the video went up to show Tekashi was no where to be found. Earlier this morning we have found evidence on why he may have never been found. Below is a video from the security showing tekashi making his video then immediately getting back in the car. Time was supposedly 3am in the morning, meaning tekashi did all of this before even giving out the food in Chicago, was this his plan the whole time? Would you call this a L or W? As for our opinion we think you can only troll so much until the jig is up! Video sources – @theballeralert


Video of 6ix9ine shooting his video at oblock

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