The race is over for Tay-K

Tay K originally from Arlington Texas is better known for his song called “the race” well it looks like that race may be coming to an end. Tay-K was arrested back in 2016 for a home invasion robbery in Mansfield Texas which had left a 21 year old Ethan Walker dead. This wasn’t going to hurt Tay-K too much because he didn’t kill Ethan Walker he was only associated with the robbery but instead of facing justice he then did “the race” “The race” was a hit created when Tay-K refused to go to court in March 2017. What goes around comes around though, Tay-k found himself back in Texas once again this time involved in yet another murder/robbery in San Antonio. Tay K’s lawyer did set for an appeal to the courts when he was denied bail. We see that its probably not going to happen, with some new court evidence Tay-K was identified as the shooter in the murder/robbery in San Antonio. The situation came up as Tay-K and others picked up a cameraman for a photoshoot, when the cameraman got in the car shortly after Tay-K and other pulled out guns and tried to steal the cameraman’s equipment. The other party in the car pistol whipped the cameraman and forced him out of the car, responding to the situation the cameraman then tried to get back in the car going as far as jumping on the hood. At this moment Tay-k then leaned out the window and shot the cameraman and left him in Fatal condition. With this new evidence against Tay-k is his race over? He got away the first time but I dont think the second time is going to be the same. Whats your thoughts?

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