XXXTentacion Ex Girlfriend gets her gifts burned at his vigil by fans!

Geneva who is the ex-girlfriend to recently deceased rapper XXXTentacion was kicked out of the vigil that was set up for XXXTentacion. The ex girlfriend said she was at the vigil attempting to keep a low profile not speaking or bothering anyone when fans came up and burned the items she had put down. The items seems to have been some roses, a globe and other small items she claimed the rapper would of wanted by his side. Later a video surfaced on instagram of her getting in a altercation with one of the fans as the video shows her trying to defend herself while the fan known as Alexsa Santana that in the video below looks like she messed her up! The fan is in the Adidas pants and white shirt and Geneva is in the jeans and black shirt who’s face get shown in the video. Do you think she deserved this? Was the fans wrong? Geneva (Black Shirt) fights fan (White Shirt)

She later made a couple post on instagram after the situation giving us little more input on what happen in the situation

“They kicked me out the vigil. so damn disrespectful. I can’t believe people are that selfish. I wasn’t even there for 25 minutes and I literally got pulled away from the memorial. I just wanted to stay. I wasn’t bothering anyone. this is unfair. I’m absolutely devastated. THEY BURNED THE SHIT I LEFT THEY BURNED WHAT I BROUGHT FOR HIM IM SO MAD LIKE IM SCREAMING.”

She shows the items she brought on her instastory, while posting the after picture on her instagram which you can follow @liar and see the post for yourself! What do you think of all this?


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